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Konstantinos Kouropalatis

Displaying an affiliation with music very early on in life Konstantinos Kouropalatis set out on his musical path at a young age, being a prominent fixture in the school choir and in music class learning piano.

Starting as he meant to go on the Greece-born producer began to pen his own musical expressions, getting a feel for song-writing, singing and musical performance in general. Understanding that his passion was his life he decided to create him own studio in 1998, channelling his influences to create his own unique sound.

Heavily encouraged by the likes of Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Darren Hayes Konstantinos’ music collection is eclectic to say the least, an aspect that can be located in all of his masterpieces.

His first steps to stardom

Back in 2003 his remix to“Den Antexo” of the singer Giorgos Giasemis’ was included in his first single “Den Antexo” and debut album “Noise Me” released from Alpha Records. Proving to be an incredible success this release was a pinnacle moment in his career, being the validation he needed to pursue his dreams even further.

Also collaborating with the likes of Johnny-Angel Voyager and Thomas Konstantinos Kouropalatis made a name for himself in Canada, involved in various project from 2004 – 2008.

Strong industry connections

From partnerships with famous lyricists such as Barbara Pedraza and other credible names overseas this Greek star has an astounding working knowledge of the music scene.

He produced and released the song “O Giros Tou Kosmou” in 2012, showing how Konstantinos has undeniably made a mark for himself in the industry, a mark that is by no means disappearing anytime soon.

Partnering with Golden Boy Records

Having travelled far and wide on a musical journey Kouropalatis now finds himself in Cardiff, producing music from a wealth of genres with Golden Boy Records. Working with some of the country’s freshest talent he feels very much in is comfort zone, free to create the music both he and the world craves to hear!

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