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The Beatles: Ringo Starr’s modified boots up for auction

A pair of boots which have been worn by The Beatles star Ringo Starr are to go to auction in Liverpool.

Unlike the leather boots which were worn by the rest of the band, Starr had his very own suede versions of the distinctive pointed-toe footwear with a lower heel. Worn on stage in 1963, the boots were made so that he could use the pedals of his drum kit whilst performing on stage.

According to reports, the auction has been planned by The Beatles Shop in Liverpool, and the owner expects the boots to bring in roughly £5,000 due to them being in such good condition.

In the 1960s, the size-seven boots were given to a family friend by Starr’s mother and stepfather. They have remained in his possession ever since then.

The sale organisers have described the boots as “worn but in good condition”.

Additionally, more than 300 bits of Beatles memorabilia are up for sale in the same auction, which is organised every year. These include the front door of the Arnold Grove, Wavertree home where George Harrison was born. Also up for grabs is a Cavern Club membership card from 1960.

Beatles Shop owner Ian Wallace said: ‘The original Beatle boots were leather with a higher heel.

‘As the drummer he was having to use pedals for the bass drum and the hi-hat cymbal and what have you, so he couldn’t use those boots.

‘Instead he wore these suede ones, which were obviously more comfortable.’

‘It’s just incredible that these things keep turning up. We have never had a pair of Beatles boots for sale before.’

The auction is set to go ahead on August 26th at the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room.

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