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Ed Sheeran goes against touts by cancelling tickets

Singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has hit out at ticket touts by scrapping tickets which are being sold online at enormous prices.

Hundreds of seats have been bought online and are featuring on resale websites. According to reports, this began within minutes of the tickets originally being on sale.

Before they were cancelled by the singer, tickets were on sale again for eight times the £49 to £88 face value, but one chancer was spotted asking for £174,000 for a pair of tickets.

However, these tickets are no longer valid and are being put back on official sale.

Ed’s spokesman said: “Most ­profiteering companies heeded promoters’ warnings not to trade and resell tickets that would instantly be cancelled. This resulted in 90% of tickets being delivered into fans’ hands at the face value.

“The process of analyzing sales and cancelling tickets purchased for purposes for resale will continue until the tour takes place.”

According to reports, it was tour promoters and National Trading Standards cyber crime officials who were, and still are, monitoring purchases for Ed’s tour.

Tour tickets went on sale officially earlier this month.

Many touts were caught snapping up dozens of tickets at a time. Although Ed, 26 has made a statement against the profiteers. He’s slammed their “hideous overpricing”.

Offshore firm Viagogo are said to have been the worst offender during this case. Plus, their resale breaches are set to be reported to Competition and Markets Authority investigators.

Amid rumours that these tickets are now officially back on sale for face-value price, fans of the singer are flocking at a second chance of bagging seats at these concerts.

Although, tour organisers have stated that fans need to move quickly as they are expected to be snapped up pretty quickly.