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Golden Boy Records Producer Joins Global Songwriters at World-Famous Songwriting Camp in Santorini, Greece

With an eclectic taste and a niche sound it is often difficult for alternative musicians to be recognised by the masses. However, for Cardiff-based studio, Golden Boy Records, this is not the case, with their studio producer having been invited to a world-famous songwriting camp at Black Rock Studios in Santorini, Greece.

Encouraging global songwriters to come together the 5-day camp welcomes prestigious musicians from all over the world, giving the talented the ability to join forces with other credible artists and write a string of smash hits.

Konstantinos Kouropalatis

Konstantinos Kouropalatis

Konstantinos, the songwriter/producer representing Golden Boy Records, has been greatly humbled by this opportunity, excited to collaborate with writers and producers from around the world. Having his work recognised by the head honchos of the business he plans to really make a name for himself when in Greece, showcasing his ability and making a huge contribution to this year’s meeting.

‘The whole purpose for this camp is to create hits, that is the exciting part. These songs will then be pitched to the likes of Katy Perry and other famous singers’ explains Konstantinos.

‘Working at Black Rock Studios has always been a dream of mine and now I finally have the opportunity to making songs with a larger network, further celebrating what we at Golden Boy Records can do! So many credible artists have worked here including the superstar Justin Bieber!’

‘I plan to make the most of the 5 days and create music that the world will love’ he continues.

A history of hits

With this convention being responsible for hits made by the likes of Katy Perry, Bon Jovi, Key Rowland, 5th Harmony, Troye Sivan and even Justin Bieber it is understandable why Golden Boy Records are overjoyed by the invite, set to make a contribution to the global hits of the near future.

Golden Boy Records owner, Tej Randeva, explains “this is a great opportunity for Konstantinos as well as our label”.

Black Rock Studios owner, Kostas Kalimeris is looking forward to hosting this exciting event. Kostas started off as a sound engineer at the age of 17. For 10 years he was an active member of Studio Sierra’s arsenal, where he collaborated with literally all of the big names in the greek record industry in some of the most legendary productions of the contemporary greek music history. He certainly knows his music!

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