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Musical Queen Madonna kicked out of New York cinema

One of the most irritating constructs of the modern world is the mobile phone. We are in a generation where people are literally glued to their smart phones 24 hours a day. Due to the immense advancements of technology we can now simply obtain, being in environments such as cinemas can become very stressful. Disturbance is something that can ruin the film experience as the New York cinema experienced today.

We have always been told to turn our phones off in cinemas and as it turns out, these rules really do apply to everyone. Today marks a monumental day in mobile phone annoyance, seeing the one and only international superstar, Madonna, kicked out of the flicks!

She has been reportedly texting nonstop throughout the New York Film Festival during a showing of 12 Years A Slave. The like a virgin singer is now banned from the Alamo Drafthouse chain of cinema. This will be the case until Madonna apologises for her behaviour. We can safely say that she has never experienced this kind of discipline.

Tim League, the founder of the cinema took note of Madonna’s lack of respect tweeting:

‘Until she apologizes to movie fans, Madonna is banned from watching movies @drafthouse.’