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Rapping becomes educational as high school program introduces music coursework

Rapping just became educational.

A programme introduced by British songwriter George Hammond-Hagan, Studytracks, is a smartphone app which sets study materials to music.

The program, which can be used in classrooms by teachers, or just by students trying to study for their courses, has become very popular in the UK and is soon to appear in American classrooms.

The songwriter came up with the idea while his son was finding it difficult to concentrate while studying for end-of year exams.

With his expertise within the music industry, Hammond-Hogan wondered if it would be useful to use music to help him study. So, he opted to write music in his son’s physics workbook.

It became apparent that this made a vast improvement on his son’s school work. Following his next physics class, he remembered everything and enjoyed his lesson due to music. Then, he showed the concept off to his classmates, who too, loved the concept.

In a statement, Hammond-Hogan said, ‘It was a really natural thing to say well actually, if it can help my son, it can probably help a lot more kids as well,’

‘You know, because I know my son isn’t unique in not learning in a traditional manner, so that was the initial thing that made me pivot from just having this as something that was just for my son to something that could be a lot broader.’

That was back in 2014. Since then the app has had more than 80,000 downloads. The app covers subjects such as physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, geography, history and literature.

The songwriter is excited for the American app to now be launched, he’s said, ‘We get feedback from kids who will email us on our social pages or whatever and say “oh my god, I didn’t realize DNA was so easy to understand”, or “thank you so much, you saved my history exam”.

‘When you start getting feedback like that, you know, the hairs on the back of your neck are going and you just think “We’re doing something really really good. Let’s keep going”.