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Steaming success has made Drake the new King of music

Following the release of Drake’s new album on Saturday, the rapper has been named the new King of music as a result of its online streaming success.

The rapper’s new self-proclaimed “playlist”, “More Life”, generated 61.3 million streams on the digital music service, Spotify, the very first day it was released. According to official numbers, it also amassed 89.9 million streams on Apple Music.

This album comes after Drake’s last album, “Views”, was the first ever to reach one billion streams on Apple Music. It was also a pinnacle for the rapper as it was an Apple Music exclusive.

Drake has also helped Spotify reach their first 10 billion streams. His song “One Dance” was a huge hit and generated 880 million Spotify streams in the first six months of its release. These steaming figures are not only a huge way for artists like Drake to make money, but they also are for steaming companies. It’s been recorded that digital music sales have now become the number one-way people now listen to music.

Hip-hop and R&B have been noted as the two genre’s people are mostly listening to on digital streaming sites and apps. Therefore, it made sense that Apple paid $500,000 for Drake’s “Coloring Book” mixtape to be the second exclusive playlist. Which did actually prove to be a good decision, as it went on to win a Grammy.

Ultimately the more music artists make, the more subscribers and money Apple Music and Spotify make. In 2016, figures show that Apple Music gained more than 20 million subscribers, while Spotify reached 50 million. So, as long as people keep listening and streaming music, these digital streaming companies will carry on doing what they do best- making hit music like Drake’s easily accessible.

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