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MunkE Music Interviewed Steph Woods From the X Factor

MunkE Music met with Steph Woods, the young and musically gifted liverpudlian whose voice has been warming the hearts of the nation for over 6 years. MunkE Music News caught up with Steph to find out what she had been doing since the show. We met her in a swanky London bar following her session in a nearby studio. Very reluctant to expose what she had been doing she possessed a giddiness that made us very excited. Immaculately dressed in this season’s fashion, she wore tartan trousers and a baggy top, topped off with a black trilby hat.

Hi Steph, can I first just say you are looking great!


Most people will know you for your emotive ballads on the X Factor, usually leaving no eye dry! How do you feel about the whole X Factor experience?

 I really enjoyed the X factor, it is a great platform for singers like me to get the recognition that they need to succeed. All in all it was fantastic but very tough and testing at times.

You got so far in the competition, why did you leave it so long to audition the second time?

I didn’t feel that I was ready to put myself through the process until this year. It takes a great deal of preparation for the audition stages and I didn’t feel I was in a place in my life to audition until then. My experience back in 2007 was fantastic, getting all the way to judges houses made me know that this was the path I want to take my life down. My relationship with Sharon was fantastic, I mean my family and me had dinner with her and her family, it was all very personal. When the dream ended it was a big confidence knock for me.

 How did you feel when you found out Sharon Osbourne was returning to the show?


That was truly the reason for giving the show another stab. She was a fantastic mentor and I knew she had faith in me. I was singing abroad when my mum rang to tell me she was back on the panel. I flew home straight away and just got an audition.

In your first audition this year you said if X Factor wasn’t going to work this time you would not audition again, why was this?

I just believe that everything happens for a reason and if it didn’t happen then it probably wasn’t meant to be.

 Do you feel any different now, would you ever audition again?

Never say never but I doubt I would audition again. I am looking towards going at it alone. I have had a lot of interest with people approaching me to do tracks and am currently weighing up my options, deciding what direction I am going to go with my career.

 What contestant would you like to see win the show and why?

I became close to a band called Kingsland so would like to see them win, I love all of their personalities, I think personality is very important for an artist.

You were very emotional during the show; do you find emotion feeds your connection with music?  

I am a very emotional person, music makes me emotional depending on the type of songs that I sing. The show was an emotional roller coaster to say the least. It has geared me up for anything the music industry throws at me!

 What genre of music are you most passionate about?

I love power ballads, that is the area I feel most comfortable with my voice. I am really enjoying current music at the moment. Artists like Jessie J, Katy Perry and Rihanna are fantastic, I love female artists with powerful voices.

What does a normal day in the life of Steph consist of?

I wake up, have a shower, take my dogs out and then spend the rest of the day singing. Recently I have had a lot going on. I am really enjoying doing covers at the moment; it is exciting to be able to put my own twists on songs that people love. I did a cover of ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna the other day, you should check it out on YouTube.

What is the vision for your career now?

My vision of my career is to be successful in life! I want to make it doing what I love, singing.

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