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The Voice stage invader demands apology  

Last night’s The Voice final was noting but entertaining, with a considerable amount of the fun coming from those other than the contestants! From Tom Jones’ hilarious swear word blunder to Jennifer Hudson’s overexcitement, last night bought both happy and sad tears.

However, one moment that stole the show was the stage invader, with an unwelcome guest climbing on stage with Emma and the gang before being swiftly removed by security. Rather disappointed with being slightly roughed up, with the London-born DJ claiming he was nearly “choked to death” after being treated like a “criminal”.

Wanting an apology from Emma Willis, the internet has since been filled with comments over the ordeal.

However, a spokesperson for ITV said: “Safety of our audience and cast and crew is of paramount importance, and our security team removed the intruder in a safe and secure manner.”

Dr AC told The Sun: “Emma Willis, she should apologise for treating me like a criminal for wanting to express ideas.

“She left me in the hands of the security who literally chopped me to death. What if I had died? What would she have said?

“Emma Willis doesn’t know the meaning of philosophy or a philosopher. She treated me like a criminal for holding up ideas. How can she be so insensitive?

“I was holding up ideas, not attacking anyone, not resisting any order. A man with a gun is totally different from a man with ideas.”

Following the dramatic invasion he tweeted: “I was on a mission to express a few ideas. @RadioTimes  But I was almost choked to death by the security of the @ITV.

“An easy target, a philosopher who makes the point peacefully through movement & ideas choked to death at #TheVoiceUK…”

Let us know what you think, should the stage invader have been treated this way? Leave your comments below.