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What do talent scouts look for when searching for new artists?

For many aspiring artists getting that break often seems impossible, with the harder you work the more frustrating this lack of recognition becomes. At Golden Boy Records we can sympathise with this, with many of our employees and artists having to have gone through the motions in order to get where they are today. Where there is an option to buy your way to the top the most credible way to make a name for yourself as an artist is simply to get out there; play gigs, upload video after video and knock of labels’ doors until somebody takes you seriously.

With a team of talent scouters at Golden Boy Records we asked them what they look for when talent hunting online and at shows and open mic nights. This was their response.


With so many music samples sent to scouters on a daily basis an artist has to have something a little different in order to grasp their attention, whether it be with regards to genre, tone of voice or even content. It is important to note that scouters are looking for the ‘next big thing’, not another artist that is doing what so many artists are already successfully achieving.


Whether it be with regards to live performances or simply the eagerness to try new things, confidence is key. Giving way to innovation a vibrant, captivating artist will get noticed over a shy, inward character, no matter how great their voice is. With the music industry being of the cut throat nature that it is emotional strength is essential.


Focusing on online communities today’s scouters will look deeply into an artist’s number of Facebook likes, Twitter followers and YouTube hits, seeing what type of impact they have had on the internet to date. With such social media platforms being the centre of musical discussion it is important that an artist transfers well, gets people talking and eventually turning those endorsements into record sales.

Commercial Drive

An artist is rarely signed for their talent, with the world bursting with unsigned singers that are phenomenal at what they do. From a label’s point of view it is all about the commercial aspect, finding an artist that has the potential to be a global superstar. This is why scouters tend to talk with artists before making any sort of offer, gauging where they aim to position themselves in the market.

If you believe you have what our scouters are looking for then be sure to visit our Contact Us page today and speak with a member of the GBR team.