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The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing Viewing War

The X Factor has triumphed in views for years, attracting millions and airing in most British households every weekend.

This year, however, we are seeing X Factor being pulled into a viewing war between Strictly Come Dancing and Dowtown Abbey. Statistics have been showing the fluctuation of views, seeing X factor often loosing the view war.

X Factor have been the subject of attack this year, criticised heavily for the way the show operates. Many see the competition solely to create good television without a care in the world for the contestants or their talent. The way they put contestants through at bootcamp was particularly shocking, leaving singers anxious for the outcome.

Judge and choreographer of Strictly Come Dancing, Craig Revel Harwood, is part of the heard of individuals voicing their negativities towards the X Factor.

“That’s not very nice to do to people that want to be in the business. You give them hope and dangle a carrot and then you rip it away from them. I think that’s inhumane.”

SingerLily Allen wrote: “When did become alright to f*** with peoples minds. X factor has got fully mean.”

This may be a key attribute to the irregular ratings, are people steering away from X Factor? Share with us your thoughts!